The Sociolinguistic Cluster (Soziolinguistika Klusterra) is an association made up of different organisations and stakeholders. Individuals and groups can be member of the Cluster:


Honorary member: Euskaltzaindia (Basque Language Academy)


Elhuyar Consultancy


Hernani Local Council. Basque Language Service


Emun Cooperative Association


Municipal Association of Sakana


Eusko Ikaskuntza. Society of Basque Studies


Professional Association of Basque Language Technicians of Navarre (NETeLE)


Mondragon University. HUHEZI (Faculty of Humanity and Education Sciences)


Ebete association


Euskaltzaleen Topagunea (Federation of Basque Language Associations)


Euskal Herriko Ikastolak (European Cooperative Association of Basque-medium Schools)


Urtxintxa Eskola of Gipuzkoa


Navarre Public University

Faculty of Human and Social Sciences


Artez Basque Language Services

Erandio Local Council


AEK (Basque language teaching coordinating committee)


BAI Euskarari Certificate Association




UEMA (Association of Basque-speaking Municipalities)


Bermeoko Local Council


Laboral Kutxa


Aztiker Research Centre


Zumaia Local Council


University of the Basque Country.

Social Psychology and Behavioural Science Methodology Department


Errenteria Local Council


University of the Basque Country.

Educational Theory and History Department

Donostia / San Sebastian Local Council


University of the Basque Country

Sociology II Department




Individual members: 92