The Case of Basque: Past, Present and Future (2007)

The idea of publishing in the International Journal of the Sociology of Language (IJSL) edited by J. A. Fishman a monographic edition on the sociolinguistic situation of Basque dates back to 2002. Maria-Jose Azurmendi and Iñaki Martinez de Luna were in charge of taking this idea forward. The two of them designed the project, which consists of 15 articles on the subject. Owing to the size of the IJSL journal it was not possible to have some of the articles published.
The Sociolinguistics Cluster thought it would be of interest to publish the papers that were not included. So the book is a continuation that complements the IJSL’s monographic issue 174. The book was presented on May 5 at the Donostia-San Sebastian headquarters of the Department for Culture of the Government of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country. The book is currently being distributed and promoted.