Training Needs of Officers and Agents in the field of Sociolinguistics

Language normalisation and language planning was started 25 years ago and a number of officers have been appointed since by town councils, companies, etc. to run projects. The professional training of these officers, as far as the field of sociolinguistics and the sociology of language are concerned, has been somewhat limited, because the training on offer has been rather restricted.
In order to address this gap, training programmes like HIZNET or the Programme for Officers (the one that is designed for officers who are already working) promoted by the Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa have been set up.
Nevertheless, bearing in mind the view of many experts and in response to a request by many officers, the Sociolinguistics Cluster regards the identifying of the training needs of officers and professionals as crucial. This project will have two main aims. Firstly, we will be producing a list of the training schemes aimed at officers who will be working in the field of language normalisation in the Basque Country in all professional fields. On the basis of the diagnosis made during this initial phase, the second aim of this project will be to draw up a list of the training needs of officers and professionals.