The Sociolinguistic Cluster is a non-for-profit association which has been recognised as an Innovation Intermediary working within the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network (ZTBES/RVCTI).



The Sociolinguistic Cluster's purpose is to generate and manage sociolinguistic knowledge in order to respond better to the challenges posed by, and the interests and needs of, the Basque language revival process. Its aim is to utilise and enhance the sociolinguistic resources and capacities offered by our members, public institutions, social stakeholders, scientists and other agents. We therefore carry out collaborative research, development, innovation and knowledge management projects, working to build bridges between theoretical and applied knowledge.



The Sociolinguistic Cluster aims to be a benchmark for R&D&I in the sociolinguistic field, working towards the recovery and normalisation of the Basque language.



Scientific rigour: We work autonomously and always in strict adherence to the principles of scientific rigour.

Collaboration: Complementarity and teamwork form the basis of our activities, as we strive to foster synergies and enhance the added value of all our projects and initiatives. We therefore prioritise collaborative projects carried out within the open innovation framework.

Commitment to society: Our raison d’être is to help provide an effective response to the challenges posed by the Basque language revival process. We therefore disseminate the results of projects carried out in collaboration with different stakeholders among Basque society, always in accordance with the principles of transparency.